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Research shows that blogs can increase the number of indexed pages on your website by 434% and increase index links by 97%. But it is not just any type of blog. You need your blog to communicate kind of content that communicates to your clients. And that is why you need us.

Here's what you can expect from us

Blog Posts

Informative and engaging content to boost your SEO, establish your authority in the industry, attract potential customers, and nurture leads.

Case Studies

Build credibility, attract leads, and convert prospects using real-world examples of satisfied clients that got valuable solutions using your SaaS products.


Establish your expertise, provide in-depth insights, generate leads, nurture your prospects, engage a targeted audience, and enhance your brand authority with this shareable content.

Thought Leadership

Build trust, differentiate your brand, engage your targeted audience and position your company as an industry leader with these thought leadership pieces.

White Papers

Educate potential customers, establish expertise, provide detailed insights into complex solutions and generate leads interested in your company's offerings.


Offer practical resources to users, aid in task completion, showcase the value of your solutions and attract leads interested in optimizing their workflows.

Product Reviews

Provide social proof, influence purchasing decisions, improve search engine rankings, attract potential customers, and foster trust and loyalty among existing users.


Keep your subscribers informed about updates, new features, and industry trends and at the same time, nurture leads, drive engagement, promote brand awareness through personalized communication.

Guest Posts

Expand your reach to new audiences, build backlinks for SEO, establish thought leadership, and drive traffic to your website or product offerings.

Pillar Pages

Organize content around core topics, improve website structure for SEO, improve user experience, increase search visibility, and establish authority in your industry with these comprehensive and authoritative resources.

Comparison Pages

Showcase your strengths, differentiate from competitors, address customer pain points, and increase conversion by guiding prospects to choose your solutions confidently.

How-To Guides

Provide valuable resources to users, demonstrate product functionality, address user queries, and position your company as a helpful authority in your SaaS niche, leading to increased brand advocacy.

Are you ready to boost your SaaS with content?

Let us help you create the kind of content that will add value to your target audience, and at the same time, get your more organic traffic.

Here are some of the content we recently wrote for our SaaS clients

Let's help you write that user-first content that attracts and engages customers to SaaS companies like yours.

Our content writing process

01. Discovery/Interview

We get on a discovery call to clearly understand what your content goals are and how we can help you achieve them.

04. Writing

Our writers produce the first draft of the content using the information we got during discovery and the content brief.

05. Revision and Editing

Our proofreaders an copy editors go through the draft and edit it for any errors, inaccuracies, and ensure it is in line with the content brief.

02. Content Brief/Outline

We create a content brief with a comprehensive outline for the content and send over to you.

03. Discuss Content brief/Outline

We bounce off ideas on the content brief to be sure we are on the same page before we commence

06. Submission and Publishing

We submit the final draft to you to go through and ensure it is in line with your goals of educating your target audience and ranking higher on SER.

How are we different from other content marketing agencies?

Want to know how we are able to satisfy our numerous clients and keep them coming back for more? Here are our secrets:

We care about you

We take our time to understand your company, your SaaS product, and your customers. We want you to succeed as much as you do.

We speak SaaS

We understand the complexities in SaaS and we are able to break them down into relatable human stories your target audience can understand.

We walk with you

From brainstorming sessions to the implementation, you can expect to see us with you every step of the way.

Do you want to take the next step already? We can't wait to hear from you.

Don't want to take our word for it? Here's what other people are saying

Your timely and quality content have changed our entire content operations, resulting in huge relevant traffic to our site. Your work has really been world class.

Thank you! 

Deepak Tiwari

Content Column has transformed our brand's voice with their exceptional content marketing services. Whatever you need as regards content marketing and PR, they are your sure bet.

Will recommend them in a heartbeat!

KC Agu

Working with Content Column is easy. Their team is focused and never miss deadlines. They are responsive and take responsibility when you give feedback on their work; the kind of versatile writers that could easily understand your requirements and expectations and then overdeliver.

Mostafa Dastras


Ready to boost your SaaS content marketing?

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